Virtual Library of Pharmacy: Project Description
The special subject collection of Braunschweig University Library is the most extensive collection of pharmaceutical literature in Central Europe. A considerable proportion of readers originates from outside the region; the library handles search requests from scientific and professional customers throughout Germany. The goal of the Virtual Library of Pharmacy is to develop, document, archive and make available a far greater range of electronic documents and information sources than before. In order to achieve this, the library cooperates with suitable partners and continually works to improve its systems of access to pharmaceutical information of all kinds.
This means that conventional and electronic documents, online objects and database contents can be found and accessed by using a single point of entry. In case that a search does not immediately yield the desired result, the facilities of the special subject collection ensure that any document can be provided quickly.
Together with our partners - among others, academic departments, hospital pharmacies, publishers and libraries - we create, optimize and develop internet facilities, make available relevant sources of information, develop databases and provide digital full texts and electronic subject information.
Articles Database: At Braunschweig University Library, the tables of contents of pharmaceutical journals are scanned, transferred into suitable database formats, and integrated into the Online Contents Database of the GBV (Library Consortium of Northern Germany). By providing this service, Braunschweig University Library is entitled to make available the pharmaceutical section of the Online Contents Database - including journal contents scanned and archived by other companies - to all users. The database is being extended to include the tables of contents of conference proceedings etc. Online Contents Database.
Internet Harvesting: Journal contents and other documents available in the internet are read automatically. This is done by using "harvest gatherers," which collect article data and abstracts stored on pharmacy journal homepages.
Digitization: Apart from digitizing a large number of titles no longer copyrighted, we have successfully negotiated with copyright holders to digitize more recent titles as well. A considerable number of electronic documents will be provided, which will extend the product range of the Virtual Library in a particularly attractive way. Braunschweig Digital Library.
Database for Internet Sources: Braunschweig University Library provides a large number of Pharmacy Internet Sources. The database through which these are accessed - based on allegro-C - is part of the internet guide CoOL (Catalogue of Object Links) developed at Braunschweig University Library. The database will be extended, access will be improved and integrated into a pharmacy-related meta search engine.
Online Publication System Pharmacy: Pharmacy publications from throughout Germany are provided and archived with the help of an online publishing system. The Virtual Library of Pharmacy provides a server and assists in creating an electronic version that can be archived permanently.
Meta Search Engine: The Virtual Library of Pharmacy participates in developing a meta search engine, which will browse data sources of all kinds and present conventionakl and electronic documents, internet objects and database contents within one single interface.


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