Online Contents Database: Access and Search Information

Access is free within Germany. University servers automatically check authorization; in this case you should be led directly to the database.


On the search screen, you will see a data entry field with the category "Title Words" preselected. If you want to search for the author of an article, you can change the selected category to "author" (and so on).

Search hint: The system recognizes wildcards. With "*" you can replace any number of letters at the end of a word. Example: "nanopart*" finds nanoparticle, nanoparticles, Nanopartikel etc.

Document Order Service (requires payment)

If you want to order an article (paper copy or scan), click on the button 'Bestellen' and fill in the forms that follow.

The document will be sent to you by E-Mail, conventional mail or fax. For details, please consult the Information about the Document Delivery Service.



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